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Excellence, Deconstructed: Inside Santier's Problem Solving.

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Case: Finding The Proper Match Between Materials

Results: Santier’s Critical Problem Solving Saved Customer Time and Money

Project Overview

"Santier’s products provided a more cost efficient and rapid solution."

Santier was approached by a major defense contractor with a cutting edge product for a ceramic package. Santier’s culture is to provide input at the quotation stage. We found that the customer’s proposal would not work with the ceramic substrate, which was essential to it's success.

The Challenge

The challenge was finding the proper match between the materials being used in the customer’s product and the product's functionality.

Our Recommendations

Unlike any other supplier, and before a purchase order was formalized, we engaged in a product review with the customer, to gain an understanding of their objectives and of the product’s purpose. With input from Santier’s engineers, Santier and the customer were able to develop a family of products that were uniquely engineered to meet functionality the first time around -- and with a shorter time to market than would otherwise have been possible.

Santier's Solutions:

  • Develop a family of products that were uniquely engineered to enable functionality to be met.
  • Design the product to be fit for purpose despite material and functionality challenges.
  • Deliver a shorter time to market that would have otherwise have been possible.


Santier’s Critical Problem Solving Saved Customer Time and Money

Santier’s problem solving and the resulting product provided a more cost-efficient and rapid solution. The customer’s needs were satisfied, and today we continue to supply additional derivations of that original product, and others, to that customer. As a result, Santier's critical problem solving, collaborative culture, resourcefulness and innovativeness have paid lasting dividends.


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Our Mission

To provide products in such a manner that satisfies all of our customers so much that they recommend our products to their peers, that our employees are proud to manufacture these products.

Commitment Beyond Our Part


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