Santier Names Dr. John McCoy as Chief Material Scientist

San Diego, Calif. - November 12, 2014 - Santier a leading custom electronic packaging manufacturer, today announced it has named Dr. John McCoy as Chief Material Scientist.

Kevin Cotner, President and CEO of Santier announced today "We are delighted to welcome the addition of Dr. John McCoy to our professional staff." Dr. McCoy joins as Santier's Chief Material Scientist with over 25 years of experience in the development and characterization of composite materials, thermoelectric materials and materials for thermal management. For the past eight years he has been working in the area of thermoelectric device development. Dr. McCoy remarks "While the fields of thermoelectrics and electronic packaging seem at first to be worlds apart, it's uncanny how similar the challenges are. Both disciplines place a premium on maximizing heat conduction while tightly controlling thermal expansion. Both fields are constantly striving to make seemingly incompatible materials learn to -get along with each other-."

Dr. McCoy worked in the electronics packaging world once before where he pioneered the development of copper /diamond composite material. His 2004 patent on that subject (U S 6,727,117) has now been cited in 27 subsequent patents by others, including 10 occasions where the patent examiners themselves cited this seminal patent. Copper diamond composite possibly represents the ultimate material for maximizing heat conduction while tailoring thermal expansion to match almost any target. As McCoy puts it, -The microelectronics business used to be all about miniaturization, but now things have changed. The biggest problem nowadays is how to get rid of all this unwanted heat. It's not so much quantum mechanics anymore as it is thermodynamics. That's what's limiting everything now.- This is where he sees the fundamental challenge of his new position.

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