Thermal Management Solutions


Material selection and component design and manufacture are key to an effective thermal management packaging solution. With a wide range of material options, we have solutions that provide the optimal thermal management performance for today’s microelectronics. Egide /Santier has the expertise to solve complex thermal management challenges associated with device power and performance requirements in hermetically sealed packages.

Refractory Metal Composites (MoCu and WCu)
Egide/Santier produces both Molybdenum/Copper (MoCu) and Tungsten/Copper (WCu) metal matrix composites. These composites can be blended to optimize thermal expansion and conductivity to suit the application material set and heat dissipation requirements.

At Egide/Santier we utilize a powder metallurgy process to produce a near net shape matrix of substrate. This is done with a propriety Molybdenum (Mo) or Tungsten (W) powder process. The resulting ‘sponge’ is sintered and infiltrated with Copper (Cu) to uniformly distribute the copper throughout the matrix and produce the final composite. This process is free from any binders or voids and produces a more uniform and repeatable distribution of material and performance than competing processes.

Laminates (CMC and S-CMC)
Copper and Molybdenum laminates are available to provide excellent thermal conductivity with matched CTE values. The laminates are produced using copper and molybdenum foils and diffusion bonding the layers together which enables very high copper content (up to 95%) and the associated thermal performance, but with restrained CTE values from 6-10 ppm.

The bonded sheets can be machined and plated to suit your application needs. Standard compositions are typically stocked while unique application needs can be met with a custom layer stack-up.

Additional Materials
Beyond the above mentioned, we regularly work with materials commonly used in the industry, such as Copper, Aluminum, Titanium, and Kovar. We also research and work with advanced materials, such as metal diamond composites.

Our expertise goes beyond just providing these materials, we have decades of experience machining, plating and assembling these material sets to provide exceptionally reliable products for a wide range of applications.