• Full Ceramic Side Wall Package
  • Micro Assembly Ceramic Metal Post
  • Optical Package With Ceramic Feed Through
  • Power Package With Ceramic Side Walls
  • RF Package With Connectors


  • Much of a package's success is due to Santier, Inc.'s in-house ability to produce highly toleranced, long lasting fixtures from graphite.
  • Santier, Inc.'s QA professionals meticulously monitor the condition of every fixture to ensure that high standards of product quality are maintained.

  • Santier, Inc. can concurrently operate multiple furnaces.
  • Operating temperatures for our furnaces vary from 300°C to 1000°C.
  • Brazing alloys include, but are not limited to, silver and gold-based alloys.

  • The smallest brazed component Santier, Inc. offers is just a few millimeters across.
  • The largest brazed component to date reaches over 120mm (5") square.
  • Shapes may be simple squares and rectangles, complex with specific profiles, or anything in between.

  • Santier, Inc.'s thermally matched metal composites include: copper tungsten, copper molybdenum alloy 42 and aluminum graphite.
  • The other metals include: copper, aluminum, cold rolled steel, stainless steel and diamond composites.
  • The ceramics Santier, Inc. brazes are HTCC Al2O3 multilayer ceramic, AlN and BeO.