Thermal Management Solutions (TMS) dba SANTIER, Inc. is Acquired by the EGIDE Group

San Diego, CA, USA, February 28, 2017, 10:00am PST, it was announced that TMS SANTIER, Inc. was acquired in its entirety by EGIDE, an electronics packaging manufacturer, with overall corporate headquarters in Bollene, France with companies elsewhere in France and Cambridge, Maryland in the USA. We have attached that announcement for your reference.

With this acquisition, TMS SANTIER, Inc., based in San Diego, CA, USA will be incorporated as SANTIER, Inc. maintaining its current facilities and operations in San Diego. SANTIER, Inc. will operate as a separate entity under the corporate guidance of EGIDE, SA. Senior executive management, under current CEO, Kevin Cotner and GM, Mansoor Mosallaie, will remain with SANTIER, Inc. and continue to successfully guide the company.

There will be significant synergies with SANTIER, Inc. now operating under the corporate umbrella of EGIDE. Not only will SANTIER, Inc. benefit from the financial backing of EGIDE but SANTIER, Inc. will be able to benefit from EGIDE technologies in electronics packaging while opening up opportunities for SANTIER, Inc. to provide their thermal management materials in new and existing markets.

SANTIER, Inc. is a world-class manufacturer of engineered thermal management materials, as well as hermetic and non-hermetic assemblies used in a variety of commercial and high reliability defense related products. We also provide plating services and precision metal machining capabilities in the San Diego facility.